Production. Quality

A small family business "Yaroshenko & Co. Ltd." is engaged in manufacturing and sale of Pure Mumiye "Altai" in tablets over 15 years. The Company has got a lot of theoretical material about Mumiye properties and administration as well as an invaluable work experience with such a complicated and capricious natural product.

Specialists of our enterprise developed an own production method of Mumiye tablets without inert additives (Patent No. 2256461) in 2004, the main point of which consists in the fact that the tablets are made of raw Mumiye with the help of a special manually operated dosage devise in the strict standard (observed) temperature and humidity conditions. In a few words the method is as follows: 1) A small part will be separated from the total mass of raw Mumiye and rolled through the rolling press, as a result of which there is a plate of the necessary thickness. 2) A special sharp-edged tube dispenser cuts the Mumiye plate. Then the dispenser will be took out of the plate with the tablet of the necessary diameter formed inside it, and after that the tablet will be extruded with the help of a special device to the group blister or leak-proof bag. 3) After the filling, the group blister or bag will be sealed off.

At the present time, our Company is the only one in Russia manufacturing tablets according to the patented technology from the pure raw Mumiye.

The qualitative Mumiye is of black color with a peculiar bitter-resinous odor and bitter taste, it becomes soft and plastic when kneaded with warm hands and it will be dissolved in water easily and without sediments.

The Certificate of State Registration is a binding document for all the Mumiye kinds independent from their filling. You will find samples of such documents at our website.