Pills “Mumiyeshka”

- Specialized food product for dietary prophylactic nourishment for school-aged children and adults

We have the following documents for pills:
- Patent for Invention No. 2513227 dd. August 7, 2012.
- Certificate of State Registration No. KZ.Е.001548.08.14 dd. 22.08.2014.
- Ecological Certificate No. РОСС RU:ССК.044.1429 dd. 21.04.2015.
- Quality and Safety Certificate (for each batch)

Ingredients: Mumiye, Vitamin С, milk powder, cacao, lecithin, sugar syrup.

Pills consist of components with chocolate taste, which is habitual for children and favoured by them; at the same time these ingredients enrich the composition with substances useful for the children’s health. Quantitative content of ingredients found by experiment is as follows: vitamin С, milk powder, cacao and sugar components nullify a specific flavor of mumiye completely, and the addition of lecithin determines a synergistic effect.

Mumiye includes macro and micro elements, amino acids, biooxidants with high antiradical activity (having an effect on cell division activation), vitamins and minerals. Mumiye, being a bioregulator, provides the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

Vitamin С. It is very useful for children, because vitamin C takes an active role in many vital processes, hardens immunity and activates different hormones and ferments. A sufficient quantity of this vitamin provides the reduction of the body’s tiredness, improves the working capacity and body resistance to different infections.

Milk powder does not differ from the natural milk not only in color and odor, but also in nutritional and organoleptic features.

Milk powder contains all twenty the most important amino acids, which take part in the biosynthesis. The average composition of this product is as follows: protein - 36%, carbohydrates (lactose) – 52%, calcium – 1,3%, kalium – 1,8%.

Milk powder contains the following vitamins per 100 g of the product: А – 0,003 mg, В1 – 0,46 mg, В2 – 2,1 mg, D – 0,57 mkg.

Cacao. Its main advantage over many other products loved by children is that cacao is not a harmful (compared to chips and fast food), but a very useful and nutritional product. Cacao is useful for our body thanks to the unique composition of cacao pods (cacao tree). Cacao beans contain about three hundreds of different substances; some of them are very valuable. So, cacao beans contain antioxidants, which neutralize a negative effect of free radicals on cells of the body. Besides, they contain neuromediators (dopamine, serotonin). These substances have a wide spectrum of effect and are primarily known as natural antidepressants to the most people.

Lecithin. Lecithin takes 15 % of peripheral nervous system and 30 % of central nervous system. It means that lecithin is necessary for our body. It is one of the sources for nervous system. An important characteristic, proving the advantage of lecithin, is the fact that lecithin facilitates the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K, provides a normal fat metabolism, stimulates the formation of red blood cells, such as erythrocytes and hemoglobin. It should be remind, how important these vitamins are. The lack of vitamin A leads to delayed growth and development, lack of vitamin D – to rachitis, lack of vitamin Е – to hypotrophy (loss in body mass), vitamin K is important for bone and connective tissues.

Pills “Mumiyeshka” have a high biological value and good taste, which allows using it in daily ration of children and provides the prophylaxis of cold-related diseases, healthy growth of a child, reduces an allergic risk, has a powerful general strengthening effect.

Recommendations for use: Pills are used as additional source of vitamin C and mumiye, having an immunostimulating effect on human body. Recommended for adults and school-aged children. Content of vitamin C per 100 g of the product is 94,7 mg (105 % of recommended daily allowance for adults) and 200 mg of pure mumiye (100 % of recommended daily allowance for adults).

RDI – recommended daily intake of vitamin C for adults is 90 mg according to the Annex No. 2 (Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 022/2011) and recommended daily intake of mumiye is 200 mg according to the Certificate of State Registration No.RU. dd. 17.08.2011.

Recommendations for use for children: 2 tea spoons (about 12 g) a day for school-aged children. This quantity equals to 12 mg of vitamin C, which is 20 % of recommended daily intake for adults, and 24 mg of mumiye is 12% of recommended daily intake for adults.