Product of the Earth Depths Degassing

The word “Mumiye ”was used long before the appearance of the Arabic, ancient Greek and Persian cultures. The word “Mumiye ”is of Greek origin and means “something safeguarding or protecting body”. The Arabs call Mumiye as “mountain sweat”, in India and Burma it is called as “mountain blood”, in Tibet, Mongolia and Transbaikalia – “cliffs juice”, and in Siberia and Altai it is called as “mountain oil ”or “stone oil”. It is important to note that all the manuscripts indicate that Mumiye originates in the mountains.

The relationship of Mumiye with earth depths was clear to ancient people. The Mumiye ores can be found in the city of Gorno-Altaysk, Tuvinian, Khakass and Yakut Regions, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tian Shan, Pamir, Caucasus and the other regions with Mumiye ores at heights of 1500 up to 4000 m above the sea level in the full absence of biological world (flora and fauna).

According to the latest data, Mumiye develops from the stream of elementary gases (Í2, ÑÍ4, N, CI, CO) in gneissic granite domes together with fossil ores of tungsten, molybdenum, gold, mercury, barium, copper, ferrum, silver etc. Fawn drab powder (primary un-oxidized Mumiye) develops on the rock plates, which will be washed off with meteorological precipitations in the open and closed traps (cracks, holes, rock shelters) having an instant connection between themselves and being exposed to intensive tectonic processes. Next, Mumiye will be dissolved by crack and combined water, and saturated with minerals with its subsequent redeposition and accumulation in trough-like depressions such as pockets, cavities, bunches, caves and interstices (retinoid ores of the primary oxidized and secondary resinous Mumiye). In the warm season the warmed-up mass silts through the mountain cracks forming icicles and sinters and then it flows down by drops in the liquid state to the cave bottom, accumulates, consolidates and petrifies.

Thus, on the basis of the big experimental material and results of the Mumiye chemical study, the scientists have proved that Mumiye represents a product of the earth depths degassing and is a natural well-balanced mixture of water-soluble organometallic compounds with the following apparent biological properties: antibacterial, hepatoprotective and immune modulating properties etc.